Who said anything about love?

noizao in episode 8

I’m not you! I don’t have any of that!

Samezuka Medley Relay Team

Where did you learn that?


I want to buy lots of drawing supplies that I don’t really need………….

Me too…… Let’s go together. XD

Please watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun



  • not your stereotypical shoujo anime
  • the main character writes shoujo manga and bases all of the male characters on girls and the girls are based off of boys.
  • mikorin is a gift
  • kashima tosses your gender roles out of the water and stomps on them
  • its super cute
  • animation is adorable
  • please watch it you wont regret it!
  • also if you do please message me and tell me what you thought because this anime needs more recognition!

MEME - some random things about me…

I was tagged by snowflake-in-gotham

name: Sev - well it’s a short for my full name…
birthday: Januari 10th  (hurray it’s not only my birthday it;s also my doomday so I never celebrate it on that day anymore)
age: let’s just say I stopped aging at 28
hobbies: creating stuff, drawing (from time to time), watching anime like my life is depending on it, reading manga in that same fashion from time to time. And my BJD’s though they have been neglected for a long while, my poor boys.
favorite food: Italian
favorite artist: I have way to many to pick just one.
favorite show: currently it’s - ‘Barakamon’
favorite character: aah so many I like…Miyuki Kazuya and Handa Seishuu
pet peeve: injustice …it’s not even a  pet peeve, it pisses me off to the core.

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1. Why my birthday is my doomsday? My mom passed away 4 days before my birthday. My dad got hospitalized on my birhtday and passed away 12 days after that. (not in the same year though). I should pick a new date really. ^^;

2. My life has been pretty tough, yet I laugh, try to stay positive and treasure every day.

3. People irl always underestimate me…I guess it’s because I look stupid hahaha

4. I have green eyes and brown hair. 0.o’ that’s pretty random right?

5. All my ball-jointed dolls are boys and they need serious attention soon or they’ll come and hunt me in my sleep…I think. 

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Source: 【宗凛+百漫画】と【通販のお知らせ】by サアヤ
Translation: aitaikimochi
Notes: this is so cute and hilarious. be sure to give the artist stars if you enjoyed this! permission was granted for this comic only ^^

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